We can’t get any response from the DVLA about a replacement licence?

My daughter recently lost her provisional licence. We requested a new one several weeks ago but it has not arrived and she has her test booked in for November 2nd. I have tried to contact the DVLA to see if she can get it sent before then but all I'm getting are automatic responses explaining things are taking longer. Any advice?

Asked on 23 October 2021 by Richard Croston

Answered by David Ross
Welcome to the delightful world of the DVLA. We're still getting lots of complaints about the DVLA's processing of paper applications and they've told us there's an average wait time of 6 weeks before you get your new licence. If you're lucky.

You could try contacting them by phone on 0300 7906802 but be prepared to be on hold for a long time. Unfortunately you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, the only thing your daughter can do is reschedule her test and hope her licence arrives before the new date.
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