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The proposed law where the car driver is always at fault when a cyclist is involved seems an absolute nightmare. A friend of mine killed a cyclist but was exonerated because it was found that the young boy was going hell for leather down a hill on a side road and, without stopping, tried to cross a trunk road. Under the proposed law would my friend have been facing jail?

Asked on 19 December 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
It's a completely loony proposal from the Department of Fanatical Twerps, the unforeseen consequence of which is that any cyclist, anywhere, at any time could deliberately cause a crash with a car for which, under the new law, the car driver would automatically be blamed. However, they do have a similar practice in Thailand where if, for example, a drunken moped driver causes a crash that results in his injury or death, the driver of the larger vehicle is held accountable and may have to pay £1,000 or so to the bereaved family. In Thailand this liability has been kept in proportion, but in the UK it could go bonkers with £1,000,000 plus being claimed from the unfortunate car/van/truck driver, bringing about yet another increase in insurance premiums and criminalising yet more of the population.
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