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Is replacing tyres on a 4WD drive car different to a 2WD model?

I've just bought a nearly new Cupra Formentor VZ2 with around 1000 miles on the clock from the main dealer. When we purchased it, the salesman pointed out that it had a new tyre (different to the other 3) on as it was punctured. I have several questions about the AWD system as I believe you have to be careful when replacing tyres. The handbook says the tyres must have the same circumference. Does that mean if I'd have to replace all 4 or just the 2 on the same axel? I think I'm being a little paranoid as this is my first automatic and AWD. Any advice would be gratefully received. Regards.

Asked on 21 July 2021 by Graham Howarth

Answered by Russell Campbell
It depends on the type of four-wheel drive system. The Cupra Formentor has a Haldex four-wheel-drive system, which only engages the back axle when the front loses grip, so I would have thought you only need to replace the two tyres on the axle because all four are rarely engaged all at once. Cupra/SEAT Cupra has very active forums, though, so I would maybe ask other owners for advice. Re the garage, I don't think it's very good that they didn't replace the tyre like-for-like, it's good practice to have a matching set and I would ask for this to be done.
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