Which warranties are best in terms of cover and cost?

I'm considering buying a BMW X1 diesel, auto, 4-wheel drive SUV, first registered in March 2017. The new car warranty has expired. The car will be used mainly in rural areas with a mix of short and long journeys. I've been reading about extended warranties available from many sources and it's all a bit confusing. The dealer selling the car offers an RAC-backed warranty, which on this car would cost £750 for three years' cover. I don't know if that is good or bad value. Could you give me some advice concerning which warranties are best in terms of cover and cost?

Asked on 8 January 2021 by RonBR

Answered by Russell Campbell
It sounds like very good value, but I suspect it won't cover absolutely every potential failure (excluding normal wear and tear items, of course) so it makes sense for you to read the small print. The best warranties are usually offered on manufacturers' 'approved used' schemes. Having said that, it sounds like you do the kind of driving that will keep your car in good mechanical health. Lots of short journeys or long periods of no use tend to be worst for a car.
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