I've gone over my insurer's yearly milage allowance. Do I need to do anything?

I've insured with the same Insurance company for the past four years. I set a mileage allowance of 7000 miles per year but on checking, I realise I have exceeded by a few hundred miles each year. So if you add up over four years I will exceed by approx 1500 miles when it is next due. However, in the current year, I will be under 7000. Does mileage calculation reset each insurance year - i.e if I am now sticking to under 7000, do I need to do anything?

Asked on 21 October 2020 by Roger Phillips

Answered by Tim Kelly
They generally allow a tolerance every year, so they would not tot up the mileage. It would be deemed with a dim view at the Financial Ombudsman if the insurer refused a claim, for example. I would suggest still shopping around though rather than stick with the same insurer.
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