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I hope you will pass on a warning to those selling their cars privately. Unusually for me I was persuaded by telephone to register my car with a "seller/buyer" matching service and parted with a fee of £89.99. Of course, though three were promised, there were no buyers in our area willing to pay over the odds. Thinking about it, why should they? The matching company based in Ilford, Essex has a convincing web site (on which our car did appear) and purports to offer guarantees (how, when they don't see the vehicle?) and access to finance services. Subsequently I found all sorts of scathing reports and other information after searching Google-"car scams". Yes I was taken for a mug too. Why cannot these people be stopped. They must be operating on the very edge of legality?

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Answered by Honest John
Very common. I have warned about this before many times. When an outfit is prosecuted by Trading Standards, it just springs up again somewhere else. Autotrader offers a blocking service whereby calls go via its own special telephone numbers to filter out these leg-lifting charlatans.
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