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Is it inevitable that a diesel automatic cars must have costly high VED rates because of their exhaust emissions? I have looked at the TDCI Mondeo and the Citroen diesel C5 that seem to suggest that this is the case. Have I missed a trick somewhere along the line?

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Yes. Same for the new Avensis Diesel Automatic Tourer I was testing today (174g/km) and the Accord diesel auto Tourer (also 174g/km) I tested last month. The Mondeo 2.0TDCO 140 6-speed auto emits 189g/km CO2 v/s 139g/km for the 2.0TDCI ECOnetic manual. A torque converter auto greatly increases CO2 emissions. Even VW’s Passat estate fitted with the efficient DSG automatic transmission emits 174g/km compared to 156g/km for the manual.
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