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Since this cold weather has crept in my Fusion 1.4 petrol turns to an ice cube in the mornings. When I start it I get a regular tap every 2-3 seconds from the engine, which raises in pitch with the rpm and after 30-40 seconds goes away completely. The oil level in the engine is fine, it has been recently serviced and MoT'd. It has done 71k miles the last 20k of those are mostly motorway. The engine is still a little cracker is used daily and the car has been great for years. I am getting worried by that metallic tapping though. Any ideas what it might be?

Asked on 31 January 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Has whoever serviced it used the right oil, which for almost all Fords is semi-synthetic 5w/30? And did they use the right filter that should contain a non-return valve so oil does not drain out of the hydraulic tappets overnight.
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