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Your readers, who like us, as parents, bought the Direct Line Named Drivers No claims Discounts for their children, may like to know that there are hidden problems if your named drivers go off on a Gap Year (or even a partial Gap) or have to study abroad. It appears that our son, who had built up a 2 year unblemished record, loses it all because he (as part of his British University Course) has to study abroad for 2 periods of 2 months duration which add up to 4 months in a year. It appears that because Direct Line defines this as living abroad, he will also lose his car insurance cover in the UK during holiday vacations unless his periods abroad are disclosed to Direct Line who will then increase the excesses payable by about 50%. So honesty doesn't always pay. This anomaly is not disclosed even when reading the full policy documentation.

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Answered by Honest John
A fair point, worth making.
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