A drunk driver using a stolen car hit our car - how do we claim?

My niece's car was crashed into by two drunk men. She located them in their vehicle and they bailed out into another vehicle and left. The owner of the abandoned vehicle appeared and states that they stole her car, and she will not give insurance details. My niece is now going to be left with a £900 repair bill. She believes that the car's owner know the drunk men and is just failing to identify them. What can she do?

Asked on 2 July 2020 by Adrian H

Answered by Tim Kelly
She needs to report it to the police, advising the other party - who owns the car that hit her - is refusing to provide details. That's a criminal offence under the Road Traffic Act. She also needs to report it to her insurer, with the details of the car that hit hers. They will trace the insurer of that vehicle and then claim her losses from that insurer.
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