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Looking on the Internet at the Government's proposals for increases in points for speeding offences, it appears the 2006 accident figures form the basis for the proposals. These show that exceeding the speed limit is a contributory factor in just 5% of accidents. This increases to 7% of serious injury accidents and 14% of fatal accidents. As the research shows no dramatic link the paper goes on to say that the figures may be understated - on the other hand they may not. Furthermore, the tables used show that only a small percentage of motorists exceed the posted limits by more than 20mph and no attempt is made to link this small percentage with the accident statistics. So where are the Government's proposals for tackling the 86% of fatal accidents that are not contributed to by exceeding the limit?

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Answered by Honest John
This is the kind of obfuscation socialist politicians use to vilify
motorists in order to tax and fine them. Standard stuff. Oh, sorry, got to go. I’m under arrest and the police want my computer.
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