If I hit a cyclist while pulling out of my driveway, who's at fault?

With more people cycling following lockdown, what is the law regarding a cyclist riding on the footpath if they collide with my car? I have to ease out of my drive very slowly due to living on a blind corner and cyclists come around at quite a speed. I've had some very near misses recently and don't know what more I can do to be safe. Would they be liable to pay for damage to my vehicle?

Asked on 16 June 2020 by Allan W

Answered by Tim Kelly
The cyclist would be liable as they should not be on the pavement. There should be a reasonable expectation on them that someone will pull out of their drive. However, it is a murky area due to cyclist not having insurance, which you do. And you'd have to notify your insurer. It would then be down to your insurer to decide and each case would be different.
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