My elderly relative is a dangerous driver but refuses to stop. What can we do?

My father-in-law is 90 years of age. Within the last two years, he had two accidents which he said were not his fault but his insurance company paid out on the basis he was to blame and we think they were correct to do so. When the insurance came up for renewal they declined to cover him. He drove a Land Rover Defender and a broker said he could get him 12 months insurance for £5000. He SORN'd the car and we thought that was it. A family member has told us that he has part exchanged the car now to buy a smaller one. The garage is arranging insurance and we have also been told they may not have the best of reputations. As I understand it the insurance company will pick up his accidents but may not pick up he was declined. Is this correct? Matters are not helped as he lives over 200 miles away in north Wales. We have spoken to his doctor before but he said he was fine to drive. Even though I had to deal with the insurance company on is behalf to resolve the claims, he won't listen to us. Is there anything else we can do to prevent him driving?

Asked on 15 June 2020 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
I cannot see how the garage can be arranging the insurance unless it is free. If there is a charge in any way, then they are acting illegally as a 'ghost broker'. I would be very concerned and would be establishing what information is correct. You certainly need to get him out of the car as well, as it is clear he should not be driving. I would suggest a driving instructor or examiner takes him out, and to have him assessed. Should he fail a mock test, it might make it much more real to him. He then might be persuaded to give up driving if he is a danger to others and himself.
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