A driver damaged my car and his insurer is offering to pay for repairs. Should I just deal with my own insurer?

A driver reversed into my car causing damage. He admitted liability and I had witnesses. My insurer has agreed to arrange and pay for repairs, but I have been contacted by the other driver's insurance who have offered to arrange and pay for repairs too. And offered £100 goodwill. They said it will be quicker through them. Is there any advantage to using them or should I use my own insurer? They are using different repairers.

Asked on 11 June 2020 by Karen R H

Answered by Tim Kelly
Having the at-fault insurer pay for the repair is in conflict to your interest and you also have no rights to go through Financial Ombudsman in the event something goes wrong. Categorically, do not deal with the at fault insurer directly. Either claim via your own insurer or through a claims management company. Regardless of the situation, you have the right to chose your own repairer.

I would also suggest you do not communicate in any way with the other parties insurer to ensure you do not prejudice your legal position.
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