Can I insist my insurer uses a main dealer to repair my car after a hit and run?

What are my rights when having my car repaired after a hit and run? I have specified it should be repaired at the main dealers thinking they would do a better repair than using my insurer's network of repairers. It has dents to both drivers and rear doors. The garage has told me that the repair would involve pulling out the dents and using body filler before re-painting, and have priced it at just under £2500. This will lower the value of my car, will it not? Am I entitled to insist that two new doors be fitted, thus returning my car to how it was before the accident or should I just let them repair it as they see fit? Many thanks.

Asked on 1 June 2020 by will

Answered by Tim Kelly
You should not be able to tell the vehicle has been repaired irrespective of repair method. Virtually every car on the road will have some body filler in it somewhere, it is not something that will necessarily devalue a vehicle. Any body filler applied should be no thicker than 2mm, if the doors needs more body filler than that, then new door skins or new doors should be considered. However, you are not entitled to insist on new doors being fitted if they are not required. If the vehicle is not repaired correctly, you then would have the right to reject goods and services under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act.
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