Accident management firm are asking me to prove I lacked money to hire a car. Is this fair?

I had an accident last year, which wasn't my fault. As I don't have legal cover, I used a claim management company, who arranged a hire car. The claim has been paid out but the third party's insurer is disputing the hire car charge and the claim management company have requested copies of my financial details to prove that I could not afford to hire a replacement car. Am I legally bound to provide this information and, if I don't, could they look to pass the hire costs back to me? The amount is significant as the claim took six months to settle.

Asked on 21 May 2020 by steve

Answered by Tim Kelly
To make a successful claim for the credit hire you need to be impecunious, which means you lack the funds to arrange to hire your own vehicle out of pocket. The proof of your lack of funds is key to the claim. I would comply with their request. Should it be that you could have hired the car with your own money, then responsibility could be shifted from the credit hire car company to you. They should have checked your circumstances prior to offering the services. In short, should you not prove your financial position, they could look to pass the cost of hire back to you.
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