At-fault driver is disputing our accident. Should I wait it out or claim on my own policy?

I was involved in a accident that wasn't my fault three months ago. My car was written of as Cat N and I accepted the car valuation that my insurer provided. However, the third party is in dispute now, probably because I don't have CCTV video or witnesses (only photos). Plus, the car reversed and hit my back, so the other driver may argue I 'hit' another car instead of another car reversed and hit mine. I'm worried that the liability will be 50/50 or end up being that I have more liability and I won't get my car valuation from them. I also used credit car hire provided by my insurer. If the liability split 50/50, will I need to pay half of the car hire cost and will I only get half of my car valuation? I thought of claiming on my policy but it leaves a record and the excess is almost 30 per cent of the car valuation. What should I do?

Asked on 13 May 2020 by CK

Answered by Tim Kelly
Once you have gone down this route, you need to stick to it. You could become liable for the charges if not. Leave everything to the insurers, they took the claim on so it is up to them to pursue the other party. Request the insurer inspects both your vehicle and the other party's vehicle - this should validate your claim of your version of events. It is late to say it now, but I would not have used a claims management company if there was any potential for dispute.The at-fault party has three months to make a reasoned offer of settlement or provide evidence as to why they dispute liability.
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