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How can we get a lower insurance premium for our daughter who lives in Manchester?

My daughter (aged 24) is buying her first car. She has driven for six years with no convictions or claims. She has recently moved to Manchester and the cheapest quote on a comparison site she is getting is for £1450 but for our home address £350. There is CCTV In the apartment car park and she will park the car overnight. Is there anything that be done to get it lowered?

Asked on 3 February 2020 by Stephanie barlow

Answered by Tim Kelly
Do not under any circumstance think of insuring at your address rather than hers. That is fraud and an insurer will repudiate any claim on that basis. The reason the quote is £1450 is because it is in Manchester. If this is your daughter's first car, she has no "no claims bonus" and regretfully she will just have to bite the bullet. All she can do is her due diligence, make sure the vehicle has additional security (Manchester is a theft capital), put someone like yourself on as a named driver. Look at price comparison sites and brokers to get a good deal, then use a cash back site to buy and make an additional saving.
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