We have no idea where my son's car has been taken following an accident?

My son had an accident and the car was taken to a local garage. The insurance assessor came out to inspect the car. Without my son's knowledge the car was taken away to the salvage yard this morning at the same time my son got an email asking him to arrange to take all personal property out of the car and to send them his logbook etc (which were still in the car). Are they allowed to do this we have no idea where the car has gone?

Asked on 15 January 2020 by Tracey Ibbetson

Answered by Tim Kelly
Contact the insurer and advise that you insist the vehicle is delivered back to you as the vehicle has "been taking without the owner's consent" and you are prepared to report them to the police for stealing it. If the vehicle is definitely a total loss, then you can get your insurer to have any personal effects delivered back to you. Your repairer should also have not released the vehicle without your consent.
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