£850 has been deducted from my car insurance payout due an error - can I fight it?

My car was written-off four months ago. The majority of the insurance payout came from the third party, while the remaining £850 was due to come from the actual salvage of the car. I have been chasing the money for the salvage for the past few weeks. First I was told that the category for the write-off had been changed and the salvage would be less than what I originally agreed (and signed). Next, I was sent a letter to say I would receive part-salvage from the garage and the rest would be recovered from the third party. I have now been told that due to an error the engineer has made the third party won't cover the shortfall of monies. Do you know what I can do about this?

Asked on 20 December 2019 by Leisha Owen

Answered by Tim Kelly
Raise a complaint with the insurer, none of this is your issue. Then escalate to the FOS. It does, however, sound like you have dealt with a claims management company or the at-fault insurer. Whoever sent the letter with the offer is liable. If you are dealing with a Claims management company,request their professional indemnity insurers details and advise you wish to make a claim of them. That should kick start things moving for you. Alternatively, raise a small claim
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