Lost my licence after insurance error - what should I do?

I was stopped by the police yesterday after my car came up as having no insurance. This was a shock as I have been paying £370 a month on a policy that started just a few months ago (when I passed my test). After checking the policy document it seems that I made a mistake and insured the wrong car. This has been caused by the fact I was thinking of buying a different vehicle and was getting quotes for that model before choosing something else. I have tried to appeal to the police as it clearly shows I was paying a lot of money for insurance but they say it’s my responsibility to ensure that I have valid motor insurance. I now face six points on my licence and a £300 fine. Is there any way I can appeal? Can I apply for a provisional licence straight away or do I have to wait?

Asked on 28 November 2019 by tobie

Answered by Tim Kelly
It is indeed up to you to check the details, the fact you have been paying insurance for a car you do not own is down to you. You have learned a very expensive lesson. You should have checked everything prior to the contract, and then checked it after the contract. In law, Ignorance is no defence of the law. I fully sympathise with your situation, contact your current insurer and advise of the mistake, request a refund for any overpayment. Cancel that policy. You have also put yourself at risk insuring a vehicle you do not own, as if something happens with that car, you would be liable.

You will need to Insure the vehicle in the compound to get it removed, I would suggest having one of your parent's insurer with pay on use provider like day insure or by miles. Insure it for the day and get it back home on your drive. It cannot be parked on the road without insurance, and if on your drive, will need to be declared as SORN if not insured.

Regretfully, there is nothing you can do. You need to read all of the documentation the police have given you in relation to the points and the fine. You will need to reapply and resit your practical and theory again.
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