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Why are my tyres perishing?

I bought two tyres for my Toyota MR2 in July 2016. I had a puncture and found out that both tyres were disintegrating (cracks have appeared) and the front wall of one of the tyres has a tear about three inches long. One garage told me it's because I only use my car two to three times a week for short journeys and another told me that it's caused by corroded springs on my car. The tyre thread is about 6mm. Are they right?

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This reads like UV damage to me. How old are the tyres? Somewhere on the sidewall of the tyre you will see four figures, such as <1612> <16> is the week of the year the tyre was made. <12> is the year the tyre was made. If they were sold to you at more than 5 years old you have a case against the tyreshop that sold them to you.
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