Why are my tyres perishing?

I bought two tyres for my Toyota MR2 in July 2016. I had a puncture and found out that both tyres were disintegrating (cracks have appeared) and the front wall of one of the tyres has a tear about three inches long. One garage told me it's because I only use my car two to three times a week for short journeys and another told me that it's caused by corroded springs on my car. The tyre thread is about 6mm. Are they right?

Asked on 27 November 2019 by julie pitman

Answered by Honest John
This reads like UV damage to me. How old are the tyres? Somewhere on the sidewall of the tyre you will see four figures, such as <1612> <16> is the week of the year the tyre was made. <12> is the year the tyre was made. If they were sold to you at more than 5 years old you have a case against the tyreshop that sold them to you.
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