My stolen and recovered car was repaired but has faults - what do I do?

My car was stolen and recovered then sent to a repair centre which had it for two months. Two days after I received it back, most of the safety electronics shut down. It went back to them for another three weeks. Within 24 hours of being returned to me, all the driving aids shut down again. The car is clearly not repaired properly or safe to drive. Can I refuse it?

Asked on 25 November 2019 by Guy kingsley

Answered by Tim Kelly
Refuse the car and insist they deal with the claim on a "constructive total loss basis". Advise you are rejecting the vehicle under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act. Inform the insurer that you will be wishing for them to cover any cost for anything defective in any way for the life of the vehicle as you believe it was related to the theft of the vehicle. It is up to them to disprove it wasn't, they have no idea how the vehicle was used while stolen. It was very foolish of them to authorise repairs in the first place.
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