A French registered car collided with mine - how do I find out his insurer?

I'm a driving instructor and while on a lesson this week my car was hit by a foreign driver in a French registered car. We exchanged details, to my face he admitted liability (I have front and rear dashcam footage to support my case). My car suffered far worse damage but is still perfectly driveable, it just looks a mess considering my job. Should I claim straight away using my insurance for now or play the long game and hope his insurance company get in contact with me? His car had very minor damage so I'm a bit worried he will try and ignore it.

Asked on 22 November 2019 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
For the least hassle and stress, use your own insurer. Did he provide his insurance details? He should have, contact FranceAGIRA – Organisme d’information
E-mail: orginfo@agira.asso.fr to obtain them and report the details should you not wish to use your own insurer and contact his.
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