Does active regeneration of the DPF happen automatically?

Does active regeneration of the DPF happen automatically? And should I put additives into the fuel?

Asked on 7 November 2019 by bob holmes

Answered by Honest John
It happens automatically at various times, not necessarily predictably, but happens least with diesel cars that are regularly driven distances where the heat that puts into a close-coupled DPF brings passive regeneration of the DPF (burns off the soot). If you do a number of short runs then, when you stop, you may be aware of considerable heat under the car. That is from diesel fuel having been pos- injected into the DPF via the engine to start a fire and burn off the soot inside the DPF. You should not switch off the engine while this is taking place. Manufacturers should fit a light warning drivers that active regeneration is taking place and not to switch off, but they don't fit such lights.
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