What do I do if I buy a Cat N back from the insurer?

Our insurer has deemed our car beyond repair and put a Cat N write off on the car. We can buy back the car - it only needs a front door and a small bit of bodywork - but what do I do next once they have sent me the remainder of the money, do I need to contact the DVLA and do I need another MoT?

Asked on 29 October 2019 by Martin Smith

Answered by Tim Kelly
Firstly, is the car a total loss? I.e, do the repairs exceed the market value? Request a copy of the engineers report to find out. If the repair costs are less than the market value, then the car is not a total loss and your entitlement is the cost of repair inclusive of VAT. If the car is a total loss" being a Cat N there is no legal requirement to do anything.
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