My car broke down when I drove through floodwater. Before recovery, someone crashed into it - is it now multiple claims?

I drove through floodwater in my BMW X3. The car broke down. The BMW breakdown service initially advised that they could not recover me and I'd have to call the fire service. The firemen got me out of the car, leaving the car behind. Eventually, the BMW service sent a recovery vehicle, but the driver refused to recover the car because it was dark and he was worried he did not have the correct equipment. The car was left in the road and recovered the next day in my absence. I was told that someone had crashed into the back of my car and the front window had been smashed too. BMW are telling me that flood damage is not covered in my comprehensive insurance warranty. I involved another insurance company who want to make it three separate claims, rather than one claim. I have had nine years with protected no claims and I'm concerned I'll have to pay my excess three times and lose my no claims.

Asked on 25 October 2019 by kareem Elsorafy

Answered by Tim Kelly
Firstly, you are not covered for the mechanical damage you caused by driving through floodwater. Mechanical damage is not covered under the terms and conditions of your policy. The window damage would be a "glass claim" and as such is not a claim on your policy. The only valid claim would be for the rear damage. You only have one claim to make and one excess to pay as part of a comprehensive insurance claim, but you are still liable for the engine damage you caused driving through the floodwater. You will also have to pay the glass excess.
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