Why does my Subaru have an intermittent ABS fault?

My Subaru Outback ABS and traction light keeps coming on. The dealer had a quick look with a diagnostic tool that gave the pump as a problem. It then went off for a week. It has come on and off several times since. I cannot see lose damaged sensors. Is it likely to be the very expensive ABS control unit?

Asked on 22 September 2019 by Martin blundell

Answered by Honest John
If it is the ABS/ESP module, then the fault is probably with the brake pressure sensor inside it that is sensitive to contaminated brake fluid (needs fresh fluid every 2 years). The existing module can probably be sent away to www.ecutesting.com to be remanufactured for about £400, plus removing, carriage and re-fitting. Obviously, first eliminate wheel hub reluctor rings and sensors as the cause of the problem.
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