A dealer forged my signature on the V5C to sell my car - what are my rights?

I had a Jaguar E-Type with a dealer on sale or return. I've been notified by the DVLA that the car has been sold and they have amended my records. I have not been paid for the car and it appears the dealer has sold it and forged the registered keeper signature on the V5C. He is being very elusive and I don't know the whereabouts of the car now. Presumably, some unsuspecting buyer paid good money for it.

I want to seize the car as it would seem this same guy has done it a number of times and the money has vanished. I don't want to make it a simple civil debt because I believe it to be fraudulent. What are my rights?

Asked on 7 September 2019 by Rowland Wood

Answered by Honest John
This is called "selling a car on consignment". navcis.police.uk/ may be able to help you. They can probably access DVLA records to find out who the new registered keeper is. You may be able to get around GDPR by reporting the car stolen to the DVLA and using this: www.gov.uk/request-information-from-dvla/ If that link doesn't work, go to www.gov.uk/get-vehicle-information-from-dvla / then scroll down to: Information about Registered Keepers and use the link that tells you how to get it if you have "reasonable cause".
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