Someone has made a fraudulent insurance claim against me - how can I report it?

I went to visit my parent's house and the owner of another car came onto my drive and claimed I hit their car in the night while they were visiting. The owner was very abusive to me, so I called the police who have a recording of the phone conversation which took place in the drive between us, including the owner's father who confirmed at the time it was not my car. I then received a letter from my insurer six months later stating the owner has claimed against me for their damage. This is a false claim against me and I was not in the area during the time of the alleged claim. This is mistaken identity. Our insurance company will give us no details of the owner, the car, the damage, time of damage or location of the incident. The owner refused to show us their damage at the time or give any of their details. I have told my insurance company I am prepared to go to court and this is a false claim but they don't seem to be sorting this out.

Asked on 3 September 2019 by S Foster

Answered by Tim Kelly
Advise your insurer that you wish for them to defend the claim on the basis of "fundamental dishonesty" and wish for them to counter claim for their cost. Do a "subject access data request" to your insurer and request all the information you have mentioned. They have by law to provide it to you. Inform them that you will sue them should they prejudice your legal position by accepting any liability in any way. Report it to
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