Hyundai ix35 Bluetooth problems

I have recently bought a ix35 and the Bluetooth has a problem. The intial one had to be replaced immediately as it failed to work and the replacement causes dreadful feedback and echoing to the incoming caller, whether mobile or landline. this has made me very unpopular to all and so my car based calls are very quickly curtailed by them. I have a samsung GS 650 or something mobile.

Asked on 31 December 2010 by malc1979

Answered by Honest John
Well a Samsung mobile is South Korean so should work with a South Korean car, even though yours was built in Slovakia. Back to the dealer to find out if the Bluetooth will pair with other phones. If it will, they can buy you one. If it won't, they have to fix it or you can reject the vehicle. My car pairs up brilliantly, but the mike is rubbish. Could be that a decent audio guy can fix up a better mike in your car, but again, the dealer has to arrange that.
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