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My 90-year-old dad has decided to stop driving - can I drive his car as a named driver in order to sell it?

My 90-year-old dad has suddenly decided to stop driving. His insurance runs out in a few days but as he lives far away I cannot get to see him before the insurance expires. The car has a valid MoT. Can I drive the car as a named driver back to our place so that we can either buy it from him or sell it privately? My policy will let me drive another car as a named driver and that it offers third party cover. It is just intended to move the car and to limit the use e.g. NOT use it as a daily driver.

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His vehicle will need to be insured by your father for you to be able to drive the vehicle under the extension of other use on your own policy. If the car is not insured, you are not insured. Use a company like Day Insure or another temporary insurance provider.
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