Tyre confusion on a Porsche Cayenne - what would you suggest?

Can you please recommend what new tyres I should choose for my June 2015 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel?

My Porsche dealer supplied the last set which are Michelin Latitude Sport 3 255/55R18 105W N0 after I had requested Michelins for a quieter ride.

I have looked on the Michelin website and they recommend fitting Pilot Sport 4 SUV 109 Y XL and also show two alternatives - either Latitude Sport or Cross Climate SUV. Of the three, only the Latitude Sport is Porsche approved (N1).

Looking in the manual (p298) states “Before having new tyres fitted, find out about the current approval status” and then goes on to say “Use only tyre makes tested and approved by Porsche. You will recognise these by the N.. specification code on the tyre”…

The manual also states (p336) that for a Cayenne S Diesel the correct summer tyres are 255/55 R 18 109Y XL and the correct all-season and winter tyres are 255/55 R 18 109V XL M&S. So it appears the tyres supplied by my Porsche dealer are not the correct speed rating anyway.

I like Michelins but feel that fitting the Porsche approved 72db Latitude Sports would be a backward compared to he current 70db Latitude Sport 3’s and I gather the Latitude Sport 3’s have now been replaced with the Pilot Sport 4’s anyway.

Having followed your Motoring Agony Column for many years, I am quite interested in fitting all season tyres such as Michelin Cross Climates as we live in a rural area and snow is sometimes an issue. However the Michelin Cross Climates are not Porsche approved, although Goodyear Eagle LS-2’s are.

I have one year left on a Porsche extended warranty, mainly for peace of mind as I have already had two replacement transfer boxes and think there are signs of the latest one starting to go. Must I fit Porsche approved tyres to satisfy the warranty?

In light of all the above, what tyres would you recommend I fit?

Asked on 26 July 2019 by Peter Colson

Answered by Honest John
Because you have already had problems with the transfer box, I reluctantly recommend you fit only Porsche approved tyres. If you fit anything else and have more trouble with the drivetrain then the supplying dealer and Porsche can absolve themselves of any responsibility on the grounds that you fitted non recommended tyres and this led to the trouble.

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