Should I have to pay for a software update on my car?

I bought a 2016 1.6 Astra ST last year, and on the whole have been very pleased with the performance. After a recent second recall for a brake issue, the radio and now dashboard power have intermittent failures. I was very surprised and annoyed that I would have to now pay £99 for a software diagnosis and probably a 'patch'. As the car is just out of warranty, it is my cost. It was described to me as similar to a fault you might accept with a TV at home after three years. I don't know where to go with this. £99 seems a lot for a quick diagnosis and software update. In my simple view, if a software update is needed to fix a fault, this is a manufacturing error. Should this be covered by Vauxhall

Asked on 23 July 2019 by CONAN FRYER

Answered by Honest John
Not your cost. Sale of Goods gives you a "reasonable expectation" of six years life from a high-cost consumer durable such as a car. The fault is evident. You no more have to pay for diagnostics than you do for someone to tell you that you have a nose on your face. Demand the dealer fixes it FoC, or take the matter to Small Claims:
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