How long is it reasonable to wait for an insurer to make a decision?

My son lost his van keys and two days later it was stolen. It was an incomplete conversion to a campervan. This happened about two months ago and the insurer has still not given any indication of a settlement. Two weeks ago they said they were applying for a police report which "could take a long time". Is there no limit to how long the insurance company can take? Is they any way to speed the process up?

Asked on 17 July 2019 by Byron Tann

Answered by Tim Kelly
The insurer has three months to make "a reasoned offer of settlement" or they must advise why they have not, i.e. they may be carrying out fraud investigations or have concerns about the claim. In terms of speeding up the claim, I would suggest on being patient up till the three months, then complain strongly.
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