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My sister reversed into another car but the driver said he did not want her to pay for any repairs - why has she now had a claim made against her?

My sister reversed very gently into a parked car at a train station. There was only very superficial damage caused to the other car, an old Polo. She spoke with the owner of the car and he said at the time that there was it was only a scratch and that he did not want her to pay for any repairs, despite her offering to. Since then she has now received a letter from her insurer stating that a claim has been made against her. She does not have the contact details of the other person since they had told her they did not wish to pursue any repairs. What should she do?

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She needs to contact her insurer and request copies of "all and any " information purporting to a claim as she wishes to defend these allegations. She needs to advise her insurer she does not consent at this time to them acting under the rights of subrogation as she wishes to have sight of "any and all " correspondence they have received so she can be correctly "legally advised" as to what her legal position is. She needs to bear in mind that as soon as you touch another vehicle, you are liable. But you do have the right under CPR 36 (civil procedure regulations) to see the evidence another party must put forward to support their claim.
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