Someone hit our car but didn't leave his insurance details - what should we do?

Our lease car was damaged on the street outside our property. We did not witness the actual incident but a friend did and came to our door. The driver of the other vehicle, a hired camper van did give me his personal details but was unable to furnish me with details of his insurance. He told me he would email or phone me with that information as soon as he had it. Some six hours have now passed and I've heard nothing. Would you advise I contact the police or put it in the hands of my own insurance company? My only concern with that being totally blameless is that may have repercussions for me.

Asked on 4 July 2019 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would allow the other party 48 hours to furnish the details, after that, I would report it to the police. You can find the insurer details by using you can then contact the at-fault insurer directly, if the damage is sufficient enough it will require repairing irrespectively. I would still contact your insurer and report it "for informational purposes only" at this point, but advise you "may" wish to claim in the future. It will have repercussions irrespective of what you do, just because you have been involved in an incident and made a claim (even though not your fault and you may have claimed via the other insurer) they will still seek to load your premium.
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