What's the situation with insurance if I want to lend my car to a colleague for a few weeks?

I presently have two cars because I've bought my new one and not yet sold my old one. They are both taxed and insured on separate policies with different providers, for me only to drive. A colleague who lives in another town has had his car stolen and I'm minded to lend him one of mine for a couple of weeks until his insurer pays up and he gets a replacement. Is the best solution for insurance for him to obtain short term insurance while making no change to my own existing policy? Are there pitfalls I (or he) should look out for?

Asked on 27 June 2019 by Martin Sylvester

Answered by Tim Kelly
He would be covered to drive your car under the extension of users on his own policy for third party cover only. The best plan is for him to either put the car on his policy for temporary cover or look for short term cover. Make sure he insurers the car not you, as should anything happen it would affect your claims history and no claims bonus. There are no pitfalls as long as he arranges the cover.
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