Our insurance claim was dealt with but the accident management company say we may have to go to court?

My wife drives a pretty new Honda Jazz and was hit from behind a few months ago and went through her insurers, the AA, to deal with the matter. A company called Claimfast then seemed to take over the process and after checking with the AA that they had been appointed by them and not a scam we passed on some details and received contact from them that a replacement vehicle was being arranged by them through Europcar. She found from Honda who their recommended repair company were and the quote that was provided was agreed by Claimfast. They had the repair shop contact my wife direct when the repair shop had been given the details so there was no direct payment required from my wife. She had a replacement vehicle from Europcar for a couple of weeks while the repair took place. She afterwards received a letter from Claimfast saying they had closed their file as settlement (presumably from the other party insurer) had been agreed and that they would no longer require her assistance, thanking her for her co-operation.
A couple of weeks ago she has received a letter from Claimfast saying they hadn't received a suitable settlement from the other side and want her agreement in the form of a written question and answer page that they can pass the matter to solicitors and if necessary she could be asked to attend court.
Given their letter two months before said the file was closed, should she just ignore this request?

Asked on 20 June 2019 by Simon Reavell

Answered by Tim Kelly
No, definitely do not ignore anything. Your wife is now contractually obliged to provide all details and attend court if necessary. To make this very clear, you have NOT claimed through your insurance. You have claimed via an accident management company. You MUST comply with any request from them or you could be liable for the cost of the credit hire or repair cost.
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