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How can I check someone test driving a car I'm selling is insured?

My comprehensive insurance says it will cover me for damage caused to third parties while I'm driving cars that are not owned or hired by me. This cover for driving other cars, therefore, doesn’t include damage to the car I'm driving. What should I do to insure that the car is covered while on a test drive? Conversely, if I want to sell my own car privately how can I make sure that my car is insured when taken on test drives by others? I assume just asking them if they're insured isn't sufficient since they will only have, at best, third party insurance.

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Use a short term insurance provider like "day insure" www.dayinsure.com/temporary-car-insurance/ if letting someone else drive your vehicle, ask for confirmation in writing from their insurer. Alternatively, request for them to provide payment in full for the car which you will return if they do not want the car. Basically, do not let someone drive you car with out adequate cover in place. You take them on the test drive .
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