Should I fit Michelin Cross Climate tyres to my 2017 Ford Fiesta?

I intend to fit Michelin cross climate or similar to improve ride comfort on my 2017 Fiesta. Tyres currently fitted are 195/55 R15. The tyre pressure indication plate shows this size or 195/50 R16. The manual also lists 195/60 R15. Given this higher profile may improve ride comfort further and are less expensive, what would you recommend?

Asked on 15 June 2019 by Mr Murphy

Answered by Honest John
The tyre sizes for a 2017 Fiesta 1.0T Ecoboost are: 175/65 R14; 195/60 R15 ; 195/55 R16 ; 205/45 ZR17 ; 205/40ZR18. But, confusingly, the sizes for a 1.25 are: 175/65 R14; 195/55 R15 ; 195/45 R16 and 195/50 R16. I think the 195/60 R15 is for the Active.

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