My daughter's damaged car has been off the road for four months - what can we do?

My daughter's Ford MPV is in the process of being repaired having been ravaged internally by a rat. It has now been off the road for about four months, including the insurance company taking an age to decide whether to repair it or not. A replacement wiring loom is unavailable and is having to be manufactured for Ford in Germany. There is no indication of how long this will take. My daughter has a hire/courtesy car which is not suitable for three young children fitted in their safety seats in the rear and to take their dog out with them. What action can my daughter take please to get satisfaction?

Asked on 10 June 2019 by Martyn Crowe

Answered by Tim Kelly
Not an awful lot. The car is given out of courtesy by the body shop (not from the insurance company) for repairing the vehicle. I can guarantee the repairer will be as unhappy as you, it will be costing them more money to repair your car than they will make as a profit. It is not the insurer's fault the part is not available and needs to be made, there is no provision in your policy for them to provide compensation for non-availability of parts.

You should be thanking the insurer and body shop for dealing with the claim in this way. They could have not authorised repairs, provided a cash in lieu settlement and your daughter would have no car. You may have to realign your expectations. Your daughter is being treated fairly and it is not often I say that about insurers.
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