I'm looking to buy a particular car but brokers don't seem to stock it - why is this?

I'm looking to buy a new Skoda Octavia vRS or Vauxhall Astra 1.6T Estate. Both would be petrol, manual gearbox with a sunroof, heated front seats and a spare wheel. I thought a good starting point would be the Drive the Deal or Carwow. I am a little confused by the offerings or lack of. Carwow only seems to be offering the Vauxhall with a 1.4 engine whereas I want the 1.6T 200PS version and Drive the Deal seems to offer Skodas but not the vRS model. Can you tell me how to get the best deal and what I have done wrong or missed please?

Asked on 9 June 2019 by Dennis Abbott

Answered by Honest John
Brokers can only offer discounts on cars available in volume from the dealers they deal with. They cannot offer deals on everything, particularly factory orders. If you want a specific car to your specific spec you may not be able to get much of a discount on it. If, instead, you simply shop for the car with the deepest discounts then that's how you get the most money off. See: www.honestjohn.co.uk/cars-for-sale/#newSearch /
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