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My car was been written off as a Cat N but the car is worth more than the repairs - what can I do?

I have just had my car classed as a Category N Write off due to a small amount of damage on the rear quarter. The insurance has valued the car at £3670 and the value of the repair at £2894. Can I argue that as the repair is less than the value of the car that it is not a write-off? Is it worth asking for a cash in lieu settlement

Asked on 5 June 2019 by chris lewis

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes. That is exactly what you should do. Advise them that the vehicle is yours, not theirs. They cannot deduct a sum from the settlement for the salvage, as they do not own it. You wish for them to oblige their contract of indemnity up to the market value, otherwise, you will sue them for breach of contract. If they become awkward, ask this rhetorical question, "Dear insurer, can you please point out where in our contract it advises you can limit your liability to LESS than the market value?" this often makes your position clearer, they definitely do not like it when I do it to them.
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