How often should the gearbox oil be changed on a Powershift automatic?

I contacted two Ford dealers to check the frequency for a transmission oil change in my 2016 Ford Kuga. Both say there is no need to change the oil yet although many forums and a recent reply from you suggested three years or 38000 miles whichever is first. My car has only done 10000 so why the disparity?

Asked on 4 June 2019 by Ray mcnally

Answered by Honest John
It depends if it has a Powershift transmission or a 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission. From February 2014 the 1.6 EcoBoost 182PS petrol engine came with a Durashift 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission and four wheel drive, and the 1.5 EcoBoost that followed came with the same, more reliable 6-speed torque converter auto. Had it been a diesel with a Powershift then it would have needed the transmission oil and filter change.
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