Can I get my car repaired rather than it being written off?

My neighbour opposite hit my car 2001 Volkswagen Golf (parked on my drive) which hit my garage door causing extensive damage to both the front and back of the car and to my garage door. The insurance company will, no doubt, write the car off.
I would like to get estimates to see if I can repair it. Can you advise me what options I have?

Asked on 4 June 2019 by michael

Answered by Tim Kelly
The at-fault insurers' liability lies up to the market value. Based on what you have said, it will always end up being uneconomical to repair as the repair cost will likely exceed the market value. If they were close, you could ask for a cash in lieu settlement, or agree to use second-hand or non-original parts to reduce the repair cost, but it does sound even with this the car will be a total loss. You could agree to retain salvage.
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