My daughter changed her name - why has her insurance increased?

Our daughter changed her surname from her original birth name and advised her insurers accordingly. Her renewal notice has come, showing only a slight increase over last year. However, searching online for comparison quotes as a benchmark, new quotes are coming in at £200 plus more than her current renewal. Reverting to her former name out of interest, these same quotes fall back into line with her current renewal quote.
No other details have changed. How can insurers possibly justify such a differential in quotations based simply on what someone chooses to be known as, and could this possibly be adjudged to be discriminatory?

Asked on 3 June 2019 by Peter Lawley

Answered by Tim Kelly
They cannot, this would be treating your daughter unfairly. If you have evidence of this, you would need to report this to the Financial Conduct Authority.

You report it on the basis of "implied" terms, these being that your daughter is treated differently in contract in using her birth name than in using another name. This breaches treating customers fairly.
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