Which tyres do you recommend for a Mazda MX-5?

In the Telegraph on Saturday you recommended tyres for an MX-5. I have a 2008 2-litre version. I was thinking of fitting Michelin CrossClimate, or similar from Continental/others. Would you recommend this move? I have CrossClimates on our 1.6l petrol Zafira, very pleased.

Asked on 30 May 2019 by S Mark Trafford

Answered by Honest John
Not on an MX-5. It's a sports car. That's why I recommended Yokohama Advans. You could fit Cross Climates or Continental AllSeason Contacts but they won't be as much fun to drive. Blackcircles.com (bit.ly/2JM6bqG) for sizes and prices and read our Tyre Buying Guide (bit.ly/2wsFHBU)
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