Why is there a smell of rotten eggs from our car?

We have a petrol Jaguar F-Pace and on occasions, we notice the smell of rotten eggs. Do you have any ideas what this may be and how best to get it resolved? The car is 18 months old and had a new pollen filter fitted at 12 months. On a separate note, the stop start rarely works as we only seem to do short trips. After a 200 mile trip it started working again and the garage response was to recharge the battery and say it is working again. It seems like there is insufficient charging going on for this feature to work .

Asked on 3 June 2019 by sisi95

Answered by Honest John
The smell is Hydrogen Sulphide cased by the catalytic converter being unable to convert unburned fuel sufficiently because of your repeated short runs. The answer to both of your problems is to run the car only on super unleaded, to take it for regular (at least fortnightly) 20 - 50 mile runs using occasional bursts of high revs. If your battery has not lost its capacity to hold a full charge, your stop/start should begin to work again. If you need a new stop/start battery it will be between £200 and £300.
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