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Do we need to tell our insurer if a car will no longer be parked on a driveway as stated when we got the policy?

I am a named driver on my wife's insurance. Her car is parked on our driveway overnight and that is stated on her insurance policy. Also named drivers are my son and his wife who live elsewhere around five miles from us. He has his own car which he parks roadside or on a private road in front of his garage. They separately use my wife's car occasionally and return it a day or so later parking it overnight near their house roadside. His wife would like to have the car continuously for about three months while we are away on an extended holiday It would parked outside their house roadside. Should my wife tell her insurance company of this proposal or not and are there any ramifications with this arrangement?

Asked on 8 May 2019 by faceless999

Answered by Tim Kelly
You would need to see if there are any exclusions on the policy related to the vehicle not being parked on the drive. There may well be an exclusion where it needs to garaged up to five miles of the home address. If in doubt, contact the insurer and make them aware.
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